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2018/2019 Publications

2018 saw the publication of Brecht's Collected Poems in English translation - over a thousand poems, translated and introduced by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine (W.W. Norton) and the Brecht Yearbook: Recycling Brecht (Camden House), a collection of essays arising from the conference held in Oxford in 2016. 2019 was the year of publication of Brecht and The Writer's Workshop, a collection of Brecht's dramatic fragments, translated into English and collected together for the first time, and Bertolt Brecht's Refugee Conversations, a series of wonderfully comic satiric dialogues, in English for the first time, translated by Romy Fursland and edited and introduced by Tom Kuhn (both Bloomsbury).

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Recent Publications

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  • Brecht's Me-Tia collection of fragments, aphorisms and poems, translated and edited by Antony Tatlow (July 2016)
  • Brecht's unfinished novel The Business Affairs of Mr Julius Caesar, translated by Charles Osborne, available for the first time in English translation (ed. Anthony Phelan, January 2016)
  • Two volumes of Brecht’s theoretical and practical writings about the theatre: a revised and extended edition of Brecht on Theatre and a new volume, Brecht on Performance, containing the Messingkauf and extracts from the Modelbooks – both edited by Marc Silberman, Steve Giles and Tom Kuhn (November 2014)
  • a collection of Love Poems, translated and edited by David Constantine and Tom Kuhn (with W.W. Norton, November 2014).
  • the Berliner Ensemble Adaptations, edited by David Barnett (July 2014)



Other relevant and associated publications



Stephen Parker's biography of Brecht has received excellent reviews, amongst others in The Independent, the Literary Review and the Times Literary Supplement. Please click here to view a selection of reviews.

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