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Sunday 26 June


Breakfast served for those staying at St Hugh’s

Dining Hall



Academic sessions in parallel

Session A: Brecht, Music and Rhythm

China Centre Lecture Theatre

Martin Brady: ‘Altes wird aufgerollt’: Paul Dessau’s posthumous collaborations with Brecht

Carolin Sibilak: ‘From now on music had the characteristics of art’ – composing Brecht after Brecht

Michael Morley: Dancing Feet, Metric Feet: Fred Astaire, Brecht and  a thirties socio-cultural quickstep

Chair: Sylvia Fischer


Session B: Brecht, Science, Technology

Louey Seminar Room

Ian Saville: Brecht and Decision Science

Alexandra Oliveira: Brecht and Photography

Christina Papagiannouli: The Director as Researcher: Bertolt Brecht

Chair: Kris Imbrigotta


Session C: Teaching Brecht

Maplethorpe Seminar Room

Grace Bridgewater: Rediscovering the familiar – Teaching Brecht in HE education

Ann Shanahan: Repeating ‘Pirate Jenny’: Re-cycled Performance as Radical Teaching Demonstration

Bill Gelber: Engaging with Brecht: Producing Mother Courage in Higher Education as a Test of His Methodology

Chair: David Barnett


Session D: The Brechtian Legacy: Contemporary Performance

Ho Tim Seminar Room

Minou Arjomand: Eichmann in Jerusalem as Epic Theatre

Anthony Hostetter: Recycling the Verfremdungseffekt : The Staging of Charlotte Delbo’s Who Will Carry the Word?

Nadine Friedman-Roberts: Epic Theatre and Eight-Inch Heels: The Unlikely Alignment of Drag Superstar RuPaul and Brecht

Chair: Meg Mumford



Coffee and tea break

Wordsworth Tea Room



Academic sessions in parallel

Session A: Brecht-Mix

Ho Tim Seminar Room

Akira Ichikawa: Mann ist Mann und Kabuki

Lin Cheng: Wer ist der "Zweifler“? - Über den Zusammenhang von Bildfigur und Gedicht

Joachim Lucchesi: Mit Eisler im Arbeitszimmer und Dessau in der Küche: Brechts "Wünschelrutenprinzip“ in der Musik

Hans Peter Neureuter: Brecht als Übersetzer

Chair: Friedemann Weidauer


Session B: Castorf±Brecht

China Centre Lecture Theatre

Steve Earnest: Castorf Destroys Brecht: Considerations Regarding Der Jasager, Die Massnahme and Baal

Hanife Schulte: Brecht in Contemporary German Theatre: Frank Castorf’s Productions of Brecht’s Plays from the Perspective of Postdramatic Theatre

Katie Hawthorne: "Das hat Brecht nicht verdient": Frank Castorf’s Baal as an Act of Vandalism

Günther Heeg: Brecht’s "Material Value": Frank Castorf Recycles Baal

Chair: Laura Ginters


Session C: Brecht International 1

Louey Seminar Room

Lin Chen: The interpretation and misinterpretation of the Verfremdungseffekt on the modern Xiqu stage – take the Yueju opera Good Person of Jiangnan as an example

Christine Jing-Chia Chou: Revision and Critique on the Tradition: Unfamiliar Side of Brecht to the Chinese World

Gudrun Tabbert-Jones: ‘Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose’: Brecht and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Chair: Antony Tatlow 



Lunch served

Maplethorpe Hall

(sign-up necessary)



Keynote: Hans-Thies Lehmann

Brecht Translating / Translating Brecht’

China Centre Lecture Theatre



Coffee and tea break

Wordsworth Tea Room



Academic sessions in parallel

Session A: Brecht and Collaboration

Maplethorpe Seminar Room

Paula Hanssen: Brecht‘s Women Colleagues and Translation: Muses, Translators and Scribes

Katherine Hollander: ‘Producing Something with the Other’s Talents’: Brecht, Community, and Zusammenarbeit in Exile

Vera Stegmann: Brecht, Weill, and Hannah Arendt: Pamela Katz’s Book The Partnership in View of her Work for Film

Chair: Tom Kuhn


Session B: Brecht and Ireland

Ho Tim Seminar Room

Siobhán O’Gorman: Manifestations without the Manifesto? Bertolt Brecht and Edwards-MacLiammóir’s Dublin Gate Theatre

David Barnett: The Berliner Ensemble Stages The Playboy of the Western World

Chair: Laura Bradley


Session C: Mahagonny and its Legacy

Louey Seminar Room

Rikard Schönström: Quotes as commodities – The use of slogans in Bertolt Brecht’s and Kurt Weill’s Mahagonny

Marc Silberman: Recycling Mahagonny: Harry Smith’s Avant-garde Film Remake

Steve Giles: ‘Degenerate’ Opera? The Contemporary Reception of Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny

Chair: Stephen Parker


Session D: Brecht and Shakespeare 1

China Centre Lecture Theatre

Peter Billingham: When Eddie & Bert met Bill: 'Bingo. The Game's Up!' Brechtian dramatic strategies in Edward Bond's radical revisiting of Shakespeare

Stephen Unwin: Brecht’s Shakespeare/Shakespeare’s Brecht

Astrid Oesmann: Inherent Estrangement: Brecht’s Reading of Shakespeare's Tragedies

Chair: Ralf Räuker



German-language roundtable discussion

With Erdmut Wizisla, Kathrin Röggla, Günther Heeg and Jürgen Kuttner 

China Centre Lecture Theatre



Dinner served

Maplethorpe Hall



Song recital by Robyn Archer and Michael Morley

Singer Robyn Archer and pianist Michael Morley perform a selection of theatre and cabaret songs by Brecht, Wedekind and others.

Mordan Hall

(Sign-up necessary, maximum 140 participants)



Bar open

Wordsworth Tea Room