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Brecht's War Primer: Tom Kuhn & Esther Leslie

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 19:00
London Review Bookshop, 14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL

Bertolt Brecht, poet, playwright, theatre director and refugee, was a passionate critic of fascism and war. During World War Two, already many years into his exile from Nazi Germany, Brecht started creating what he called ‘photo-epigrams’ to create a singular visual and lyrical attack on war under modern capitalism. As his family fled from the Nazis, “changing countries more often than our shoes,” Brecht took photographs from newspapers and popular magazines and added short lapidary verses to each in a unique attempt to understand the truth of war using mass media

These photo-epigrams are collected in War Primer, a remarkable work first published in 1955 and made newly available in a new edition by Verso.

Join Esther Leslie, Tom Kuhn and chair Gareth Evans in a panel discussion about this outstanding literary memorial to World War Two and one of the most spontaneous, revealing and moving of Brecht’s works that is strikingly relevant to the current confluence of war and neo-fascism today.

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